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Endless ATC instructions

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updated: 3 May 2023 (see changelog)

For users without any knowledge of ATC, there's a short beginner's guide.
The full changelog of the game can be viewed here.
To add your own airport files to the full version of the game, read here.
The free version of the android app, 'Endless ATC Lite', is available here.

Below are full instructions for the simulation game Endless ATC:
Top view and side view of a correct ILS approach. In this example, a plane at 2000 feet approaches runway 27 at a shallow angle of about 30 degrees. If ILS mode is enabled, the plane will capture the blue ILS path automatically, and land. Note that the altitude of the plane determines the required distance from the runway: the higher the plane is, the further away it needs to be from the runway. The blue circles indicate the required distance; make sure to intercept the glideslope 'from below'.

Don't intercept the ILS at a too steep angle, or from above the glideslope.

Aircraft labels, runways, and the ILS
These timelapses can give you an idea of giving vectors for an ILS approach.

  • Sequence the randomly generated arrivals to the ILS (Instrument Landing System) of a landing runway. The runway is the thick blue line in the middle of the radar screen, and the ILS path is the thin blue line extending from the runway. Guide the planes to this blue line, far enough from the runway. In order to capture this ILS beam and land, a plane must comply to these conditions:
    1. the ILS mode of the plane is activated,
    2. the plane intercepts the ILS line at a shallow heading of 60 degrees or less with respect to the runway heading (in reality they use 30 degrees or less),
    3. the plane has to be descended low enough to intercept the glideslope; the blue circles mark the altitudes of 2000, 3000 and 4000 feet.
    The plane has to be flying on the localizer (the lateral ILS component) before it will capture the glideslope (the vertical component; the descent path of the ILS). Examples of correct ways to guide a plane to the ILS are displayed in-game by yellow arrows: fly planes via those arrows, with an altitude of 2000 feet and ILS mode enabled, so the plane will capture it correctly. Once a plane is on a correct intercept course to the ILS path, it will follow the ILS automatically to the runway.
  • When a plane is established on the ILS, it will be handed over the tower and then you score some skill points. The amount of skill points you score per plane depends on your current skill score. You always get at least 0.1 skill points per plane handed over to the tower. The skill score represents how well you are managing the airspace and it also determines the number of planes you will have to control simultaneously, so a score of 8.4 will give you about 8 planes to control.
  • If a plane is too high on the ILS (flying above the glideslope) it will eventually call 'missed approach'. ILS mode is then deactivated. Try a new line-up at a lower altitude, so it will capture the glideslope from below. If a plane is about to land on a runway that is still occupied by another plane, it will go around: it climbs to 2000 feet and ILS mode is deactivated. Give it new vectors to the ILS, now with more distance behind the leading plane.
  • At the top left you see your current game score. This number is the maximum of what your skill value has been in the current game. So your score can only increase. Then there's also the high score: the highest game score you ever reached on your device (unless you cleared the app data).
  • Departing aircraft determine their heading and speed themselves; they only require an instruction to climb to a higher altitude. This can be done, when it's safe, by just one click to select FL130. Other altitudes can be selected but keep in mind that eventually the plane has to continue the climb to FL130. Optionally, a heading can be given by disabling 'SID' mode temporary. When you disable SID, the climb altitude is also restricted to FL90. Make sure to activate SID mode at some point again and continue the climb so that the plane has climbed above FL90 before passing the boundary of the airspace. The airspace boundary is displayed as the outer circle (radius 30 NM, 30 nautical miles). For New York, departing planes fly on a heading initially, so you'll have to manually enable SID to clear planes to the departure fix.
  • You can lose skill points when planes:
    1. fly too close to eachother (in general: overlapping circles and altitude difference  less than 1000 feet),
    2. divert (leave the airspace at the 30 NM boundary), also if they are departures but fly at or below FL90 when leaving the airspace,
    3. abort the approach (runway occupied, too high altitude etc.),
    4. are delayed (not landed within about 30 minutes)
  • An aircraft label has the following lines of info:
    1. callsign,
    2. current altitude and selected altitude (in feet divided by 100),
    3. ground speed (in knots), weight category (Light, medium [no tag],  Heavy or Super J), mode (ils/direct/hold).
    4. destination (only if other than main airport)
  • When a plane is not in your control, it has a smaller label of just two lines.
  • When a plane wants your attention, it has a flashing blue ring, until you select it.
  • You don't have to hand off (or hand on) planes from/to the tower or other controllers. To keep things simple, planes do this automatically. Handoffs are possible, but not necessary.
  • You can drag from an aircraft to easily set its heading. When you then drag onto a beacon (grey circle) then the plane flies directly to that point and the DCT button illuminates. Directs can also be given by pressing the 'DCT' button: then it will snap to a beacon/VOR/locator closest to the selected heading. DCT is, like ILS, a mode that alters the heading of a plane automatically. If a plane reaches a beacon without further instructions, it will fly circles above it, in a holding pattern. It's best to avoid holding planes because it will cause delays and crowds the airspace. Longpressing DCT will 'HOLD' the plane at its current position. Some runways have a beacon (a locator) on the ILS path; planes can fly direct to it but won't enter a holding there, but continue ahead. You can also drag from a selected VOR beacon to set a heading on which the plane must fly after reaching the beacon. Departures fly to a randomly chosen beacon and then continue ahead.
  • In some cases, the separation minima (1000ft/3NM) are reduced: planes may fly closer to each other when:
    1. both planes are on a different ILS localizer ('LOC' status), so independent parallel approaches are possible,
    2. one or both planes are under the minimum altitude (1600 feet),
    3. two departures are on a divergent heading of 15 degrees or more,
    4. just after a go-around you'll get a short amount of time to regain a safe separation.
    1. In general, don't let the 3 NM rings overlap when the altitude difference is less than 1000 feet.
    2. For parallel approaches, maintain a vertical separation of at least 1000 feet until both aircraft are established on the localizer. For example, join the localizer at 2000 feet for one runway, and 3000' for the other. When the planes then descend to the runway, rule 1 (as stated above) applies so no penalties are given, even if the rings overlap!
    3. Longpress ILS to enable the ILS* mode, which means the plane will cross one localizer and intercept the next one. This can come handy when parallel runways are in use and you want to guide some traffic to the other runway for better traffic distribution.
    4. The number of planes you have to control is about the same number as the skill level. When the score increases above certain levels, more runways become active.
    5. Planes with 'RD' in their label (4th line) need to land on the secondary airport which has only one runway (this runway also has RD in the name, actually meaning EHRD or Rotterdam Airport). Regular planes, so without the 'RD' tag, may not land on this destination but have to land on the main airport Amsterdam Schiphol. Landing on runway 06RD (the opposite direction) is not accounted for in the game (too close to the boundary), so only traffic via the northwest from/to RD is simulated. Note that the amount of traffic to RD is very low compared to the main airport. For London, the traffic rate to the alternate destinations (Gatwick, Luton and City) is a bit higher. If the airspace has altitude restricted areas, for example 30/RD, then planes must be at 3000 feet or above, with the exception of planes with an RD tag.
    6. Plane with destination 'EHRD'
      Plane with destination 'RD'
    7. The speed displayed at a plane's label is the ground speed, which is usually higher than the selected speed (indicated airspeed, IAS): it has an offset increasing with the altitude (due to air pressure). When you change the speed, the label temporary shows the new target IAS airspeed instead, in yellow.
    8. If there is wind enabled, the wind speed increases with altitude. It will also affect track heading and groundspeed.
    9. Expedite a plane's climb/descent (that is: increase its vertical speed) by doubleclicking on the altitude button when it's at its limit value.
    10. There are light (L), medium (no tag), heavy (H) and superheavy (J) weight planes. The heavy ones turn and climb/descend a bit slower, while their final approach speed is a bit higher.
    11. Due to wake turbulence, planes behind heavy planes need more distance than the general 3 NM circle. In this sim, wake turbulence separation only applies to planes on the localizer. The required distance depends on the plane category: if a medium plane flies behind a heavy, more distance is needed. There are 6 wake turbulence categories ('RECAT'), and an arc behind the plane will display the required safe distance to the trailing aircraft. If this limit is infringed by more than a mile, you risk a go-around.
    12. Planes are generated randomly, depending on the skill value you achieve. Runway usage is also randomly chosen at the beginning of a new game. Starting a new game resets the traffic but your high score and goals are saved. In the full version, you can start a new game by selecting the current airport.
    13. Planes below 3000 feet have the option to descend as low as 1600 feet to make shorter finals possible.
    14. Planes flying within a 15 nm circle from the field slow down to 220 knots (unless a speed instruction has been given earlier, in which case that speed is maintained till the localizer).
    15. Planes intercepting the ILS reduce to 200 knots. At 6 miles from the runway they reduce further to 160KT. And at 4 miles, they reduce to final approach speed. You can always reduce earlier if needed.
    16. Planes handed over to the tower may reduce speed further automatically, but only within 10 miles from touchdown while flying too close to a preceding plane.
    17. Departures increase their speed automatically unless the speed is set manually.
    18. Changes to an airplane are applied when pressing the OK button, or when the plane is deselected. Pressing the C button cancels the current changes, and pressing C again deselects the plane.
    19. There are 3 ways to play the game: normal, custom or scenario. In the 'traffic' menu you can choose one of them. By default, 'normal' mode is enabled.
    20. In scenario mode, your task is the guide (non-random) traffic to the runways without any mistakes, and sometimes also within a certain time-limit. See the traffic menu at EHAM to start the first scenario. When succeeding that challenge, the next scenario will be unlocked.
    21. By enabling custom traffic mode, the skill value can be either fixed to a certain level, or capped so won't increase too much while playing. This is a way to change the difficulty of the game, because the number of planes you have to control is equal to the skill value. This allows for a more relaxed gameplay, or allows you to keep the amount of traffic at a more realistic level. If you lower the skill below 4.0 then the airspace will be closed entirely. Closing the airspace is also possible by pressing the 'end game' button in the traffic menu.
    22. In custom traffic mode, you can also switch to flow mode to set a constant flow of planes per hour from/to the main airport. For example, set it at 30 and you'll get 30 planes per hour to the main airport. If can also set a varying flow rate and set a minimum and maximum; the flow rate then varies between those two values, which results in alternating inbound and outbound peaks every hour. There are also options to play a game without departures, or without traffic to secondary airports. To increase the number of active runways, go to the 'runways' menu.
      Flow varies when a minimum and maximum value is set.
    23. You can score goals by landing a certain number of planes in a correct way, like 10 planes without separation incidents, or 5 planes without any mistakes (go around/divert/delay/missed approach/separation incident), or just land 100 planes in one game. However, to make it not too easy, you cannot use custom traffic mode if you want to score goals/set high scores. If you've used custom traffic mode, you have to start a new game first. In the full version, click on the currently selected airport to restart with a new game. Or just click 'new game' in the traffic menu.
    24. To pause, press ESC or, on android, the back button.
    25. The game is automatically saved when you exit or pause the game. Next time you start the app, the game will reload. Savegames on android are stored at /Android/data/com.dirgtrats.endlessatc/files/ (accessible via USB file transfer).

    Game settings

    Most settings in the menu speak for themselves. There are also some hidden settings available:
    • In the display menu, long-pressing ‘line’ will switch to curved heading lines, and long-pressing ‘ring’ doubles the ring size. Long-pressing ‘dark’ toggles high contrast mode.
    • In the main menu, long-pressing ‘sweep’ will switch to a higher physics update rate, for more detailed plane movements (and a slightly increased CPU usage). Swiping from the menu button to the left or right moves the side bar to the other side.
    • The following keyboard commands are available to further fine-tune settings: “DELAY0” (set pilot delay in seconds), “SWEEP000” (set radar update interval in tenths of seconds), “HLINE00” (set heading line length in tenths of minutes), “SPEED00” (set simulation speed factor and enable high update rate), “NOBAR” (remove side bar), “CURSOR” (draws bigger cursor on screen), “TIMELAPSE00” (saves images every x seconds into /img folder). If your device does not have a keyboard, you can press and hold 'lock' in the display menu to popup a software keyboard.
    • The full version also has multiple airports to choose from, with altitude restrictions, and optional weather (wind and clouds) and radar delay settings. You can even add your own airport files.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: Runways 18C and 18R are too close to each other. How do I make good use of them without getting incidents?

    A: The approaches can be done completely independent; the trick is to intercept the localizers at different altitudes and at a large distance from the field. Read instructions above for more detail.

    Q: It gets way too busy, what can I do?
    A: Enable 'custom' mode in the traffic menu. You can limit the amount of planes you have to control to a certain number, or set the number of planes per hour you want to handle.

    Q: Could you add my favourite airport?
    A: Perhaps more airports will be added in the future. But in the full version, it's now possible to create an airport yourself, by editing a text file. More info here.


    Apart from clicking planes and buttons on the sidebar, the game has mouse and keyboard controls/shortcuts as well.
    • Press left and right button at the same time to enable ILS mode
    • Scroll the wheel to change altitude, press right button and scroll to change airspeed
    • Click on the scrollweel for OK/ handover.
    • Type a callsign to select a plane (space to autocomplete), then type commands, separated by spaces, for example:
      • A30 (to set altitude 3000')
      • S170 (speed 170 knots)
      • DPAM (direct to the point 'pam')
      • T360 (after the point fly heading 360)
      • I (cleared approach)
      • HO (hold at current position)
      • E (expedite climb/descent)
    • F1-F2 changes simulation speed
    • F3-F4 sets the heading line
    • Tab selects a plane, with priority to flashing planes
    • PageUp/Down for altitude, Arrow Up/Down for speed, Arrow Left/Right for heading, Insert for ILS and Enter to confirm.
    • Type 'NOBAR' if you want to try and play the game without the sidebar.

    Known issues

    • If you experience bugs or crashes, please send a crash report and/or mail me to look for a solution.


    Mail or leave a comment below.


    This program contains free software licensed under a number of licenses, including the GNU Lesser General Public License. More info on this page.


    Get it on Google Play



    v5.3.1 (3 May 2023):
    • Added icons on the buttons in the 'main' menu.
    • Clicking on the skill/wind/speed text at top of the screen now opens the corresponding menu, for quicker access to these settings.
    • L and R heading buttons are highlighted in case a turn is bigger than 150 degrees instead of 180 degrees, to make it more clear in which direction the plane willl turn. The plus/minus icons are also bigger for better visibility.
    • Yellow turn curve is less glitchy when turning towards a beacon.
    • Blue subtext can wrap up to 4 lines to avoid text getting cut off.
    • Fix for possible incorrect number of runways when reloading the game if the 'end game' button was used before.
    • For the PC version: fix for possible incorrect game window position on startup in case dpi scaling is used in Windows. If the game still happens to open out of view, you can maximize it via the taskbar, and then drag the window to your preferred position.
    • For custom airports: the tower is able to release a higher rate of departures in case SID routes are used, or if there are intersecting landing runways.

    v5.3 (9 March 2023):
    • Added menus to allow to change the simulation speed, runway config, and delay/sweep settings more conveniently (instead of hitting the buttons many times).
      • New Speed menu, where you can increase the simulation speed in steps of 0.5x all the way up to 10x. Press Smooth button to switch to a higher 'physics rate' for smoother plane movements. This is mainly intended to reduce choppiness when playing at speeds higher than 1x, but it can also be used at 1x. The default setting 'smooth off' is good enough regardless of the speed setting, but 'smooth on' makes it simply look nicer. Press the Auto button to make the game automatically switch between 1x speed (when interacting with planes) and a higher speed (when idle).
      • Runways menu allows you to more easily set the runway configuration. And when custom traffic is enabled, you can also increase (or decrease) the number of active runways, by changing the new 'Custom score' setting. In Normal traffic mode, the number of runways is still determined by the 'score', as in earlier versions).
      • When pressing the Delay or Sweep buttons, a new menu opens where you can more easily change the radar sweep and pilot delay settings. In this menu you'll also find an Events toggle button. This Events setting determines the likelihood of random events (like incidents, returning planes, go-arounds). It can be set to low, high or off. In earlier versions, it was always set to 'low' under the hood.
    • The control bar now automatically switches its position to the bottom of the screen when the window is resized to portrait dimensions. This keeps the radar screen as 'square' as possible, which is especially useful for small window sizes. To manually lock the control bar to the bottom of the screen (regardless of the window size), long-press the Bar button in the Display menu.
    • Added screen rotation option (android). The game can now be played in portait mode!
    • Planes now turn more realistically. Expect the radius of a turn of a fast-flying plane to be larger than in earlier versions. This is because planes now bank left/right no more than 30 degrees, which in turn limits the maximum turn rate in comparison to earlier versions. Before, the turn rate was constant (about 3 degrees per second), meaning turns at 200+ knots would require bank angles of over 30 degrees (and high g-forces), which is uncomfortable for the people onboard. So to improve realism, planes now roll to a maximum of 25 to 30 degrees, and therefore speed has a bigger impact on the turn radius.
    • Android: savegames and locations are now stored at /Android/data/com.dirgtrats.endlessatc/files/ which is accessible to the user via USB connection. On the first run after updating, existing savegames are moved to the new path automatically.
    • Changes regarding custom airports:
      • Earlier speed reduction by the pilot for planes on the localizer, to avoid go-arounds due to overspeed in case the final approach speed of the planetype is set very low.
      • Added 'rollangle' and 'rollrate' properties to planetypes, which determines the plane's turn radius when flying at high speeds (200+ KT), as described above.
    • Several small adjustments and improvements:
      • Pan/zoom stays the same when resizing/going fullscreen/pausing.
      • Lock setting in the Display menu saves the pan/zoom setting for the current airport.
      • When holding down the menu button (for 20x speed) the menu doesn't open anymore; the menu opens only when short-pressing the menu button.
      • Clicking on the yellow text at the top of the screen hides any notification message, and clicking the blue text hides all non-aircraft related messages.
      • Starting a new game in the Traffic menu now requires a doubleclick; this is to avoid accidental resets when browsing the menus.
      • Scrollwheel zooming is more smooth.
      • Added a small chance of random clouds appearing if the wind option is enabled.
      • Curved heading line is now the default option. Long-press the Line button in the Display menu to toggle this setting.

    v5.2.3 (21 December 2022):
    • Added a sound menu with adjustable volumes.
    • Minor adjustments:
      • Game saves after completing a scenario, to avoid losing progression in case the autosave on exit fails.
      • Planes won't backtrack anymore after landing at London City, because planes can use a taxiway in real life.
      • For custom airports, the wake turbulence minima can be adjusted. See the 'wake' property in the [airspace] section of example.txt.
    • Bug fix for departures that did not request further climb even when they were flying at a too low altitude.
    v5.2 (17 October 2022):
    • Added curved heading lines as an option, which gives a prediction of the turn radius of a selected plane. This can be helpful with timing a turn instruction, as it indicates the future position more precisely. Long-press the 'line' button in the 'display' menu to enable this feature.
    • In custom traffic mode, the skill level is now fixed at a certain value, by default. Before, the skill value could still change during a game but the skill was limited by the 'cap' value. Now, the skill level remains fixed by default. Press the 'skill' button to toggle between this new 'skill f' mode (for a Fixed skill level), and 'skill c' mode (for a Capped skill level).
    • Holding the Shift key while dragging the mouse from a plane changes the label position.
    • Departures are less likely to request further climb in case nearby arrivals may cause conflicts.
    • The 'custom traffic' menu is now moved one level deeper into the traffic menu; this keeps the buttons of the 3 traffic modes (normal/custom/scenario), as well as the newgame and endgame buttons, easily accessible when already in custom traffic mode.
    • Beacons can be selected as near as 2 miles distance from a plane.
    • Heading line length can be set at 30 seconds. Note: to further fine-tune the line length you can type HLINE00, replacing the zeros with the length in minutes times 10.
    • Added more variation to readbacks when using sound mode 3.
    • When the gameplay timer is used, then the next time the game is started, the timer menu will be opened as a reminder to reset the timer for next play session.
    • Combined the 'go arounds' and 'missed approaches' statistic in the side bar as they're basically the same thing.
    • For the PC version:
      • Right click shows time to touchdown for planes on the localizer or on an app route.
      • Added a 'controls' menu to the 'about' menu, just to inform users about available mouse and keyboard inputs.
      • Re-arranged some hotkeys; F1-F2 changes simulation speed, F3-F4 changes heading line length, F5 toggles rings, F8 changes runway configuration.
      • Tab key (to select a plane) now cycles through all planes in control, with priority to blinking planes.
      • Cleaned up game folder structure; savefiles are now stored into the 'savegames' folder. On the first run after updating, savefiles will be copied from the root folder into the 'savegames' folder automatically.
      • Steam: a button to open the manual is now placed inside the help menu; the (now redundant) Steam launcher popup is removed.
    • For the android version: long-press 'lock' in display menu to toggle the software keyboard. This gives access to commands like HLINE15 to set the heading line to a length of 1.5 minutes, even when your android device does not have a physical keyboard attached.
    • Custom airports:
      • In case of duplicate airport codes in different files, the game now ignores older airport file(s) when indexing the files, by comparing date of modification.
      • Long-pressing the airport select button shows filename of the currently loaded airport.
      • When typing an airport code while in the airport menu, pressing enter will load that airport.
      • More detailed file loading failure messages.
      • No more random arrival spawn positions when playing custom airports.
      • Further adjustment to avoid delayed planes in huge airspaces.
      • Improved takeoff timing when there are nearby planes on final approach.
      • Ignore the initial takeoff heading in case departure routes are in use, to avoid issues with route selection.
      • Fixed incorrect drawing of circular areas due to a rounding error of the radius.
    • Hotfix v5.2.1 (17 Oct): fixed issue with moving savefiles to new folder in combination with Steam auto-cloud save.
    • Hotfix v5.2.2 (21 Oct):
      • Fix issue where the gameplay timer was dependent on the time multiplier (speed) setting, in some cases. For example, a 30 minute timer should always finish after 30 minutes, even when playing at 10x speed.
      • Fixed glitchy altitude arc when the curved line is used while heading for a beacon.

    v5.1 (25 August 2022):
    • Added aircraft target symbol customization, see the target button in the display menu. You can choose between 6 different styles.
    • Added wind direction arrow to the side bar.
    • SID mode of departures can be enabled by dragging from the plane onto the SID waypoint, similar to how arrivals can be dragged ('direct') to a beacon.
    • The contrast toggle button is now hidden behind the light/dark toggle button (to make place for the new target button). Longpress the light/dark button to toggle the background contrast.
    • Inbound planes deviating due clouds fly on a heading instead direct to the initial beacon, for improved cloud avoidance.
    • Reduced chance of arrivals entering 'on top' of another arrival when entering the airspace, especially when using high flow rates.
    • PC: Added a basic time lapse recording mode, which saves images of the radar display at a set interval. It can be enabled by typing TIMELAPSE00 where the two digits represent the time in seconds. To make an actual video of the images, you need to use a video editor that allows loading an image sequence.
    • Android: bigger margins around text to account for possible clipping due to rounded screen edges on some phones, and app targets android-12.
    • Specific for custom airports: planes are classified as 'delayed' a bit later when they have to travel through huge (40+ NM) airspaces.

    v5.0.3 (12 May 2022):
    • Improvements to scenario mode, mainly extending time limits to make it less hard to complete them:
      • EDDF +2 minutes, KATL +2 minutes, LFPG +2 minutes, RJTT +1 minute, CYYZ +1 minute, YSSY +1 minute.
      • Rewind button becomes available earlier, as soon as 2 minutes since using the rewind button before.
    • Added text mode 1 to the display menu, to declutter the background screen but keep altitude restrictions visible.
    • Fixed incorrect keyboard inputs on non-qwerty layouts.
    • Dark mode is the default mode for new users.
    • For custom airports:
      • Added NAV mode for planes on an approach route. NAV mode cancels any altitude/speed restrictions on a route. Similarly to the LLZ mode (which can be used to avoid glideslope capture), NAV mode is enabled by longpressing on the altitude digits (so between the plus and minus altitude buttons), or by typing NAV. Later on, press the NAV button to resume the approach route normally.
      • Planes on an approach route temporarily ignore altitude restrictions in case the plane is in a climb or descent to a different altitude.
      • Fixed incorrect flow rates when runways are duplicated.
      • Fixed plane position not updating when dummy runways are located very far away.
      • Traffic flow to secondary fields can be specified in decimal values.
    v5.0 (14 April 2022):
    • Add 9th scenario (Sydney), and a Steam achievement for completing all scenarios flawlessly. Added hint on the 'goals' screen showing at which airport a scenario is unlocked and ready to play.
    • Add rewind button exclusively to the scenario mode; this allows you to correct a mistake by going back in time by about 5 minutes. This works by keeping autosaves in memory every 2 minutes. After playing a couple of minutes, the rewind button becomes available. This feature can save time when making a mistake near the end of a scenario, as you don't have to start all over again.
    • Add display options for runways (4 new styles), and background text on/off option to declutter the screen.
    • Sweep button has option for 1 second update intervals.
    • Planes give a warning when crosswinds are too strong, to avoid go-arounds.
    • Minor adjustments and bug fixes.
    • For custom airports:
      • Corrected 'flow' property for the traffic rate to secondary airports.
      • Loc offset limit bumped to 30 degrees.
      • Improved timing of departures at secondary airports located directly below localizers.

    v4.9 (16 February 2022):
    • Added two more scenarios (Tokyo and Toronto), now totalling 8. Note that the first scenario unlocks the second one, the second the third, and so on.
    • A couple of minor bug fixes and performance improvements:
      • Measuring tool (right click) shows headings on both sides of the line.
      • Adjusted initial altitudes of planes at the KJFK scenario to make the first minutes less hectic.
      • Smoother panning/zooming.
      • Fixed time slowdown when panning/zooming at crowded airspaces happening on the android version.
    • Several bug fixes and adjustments to custom airports:
      • Fixed incorrect entrypoint selection in case there are duplicate points in the beaconlist.
      • Fixed rounding of metric altitudes at low altitudes.
      • Fix for cruisers getting delayed in case of very large airspaces.
      • Increased the range of the 'descentaltitude' property.
      • Fix for app route not working when a 'rev' route was added before non-rev.
      • Fix for ignored speed/alt restriction for app routes ending in a holding.
      • Fix for possible unneeded go-arounds at high elevation airports.
      • Disabled incident triggering for planes outside of the airspace boundary.
    • The free android version is renamed from 'Endless ATC (free)' to 'Endless ATC Lite'. This change had to be made just to allow the game to remain published on the Play Store (google changed its policy and won't allow the word 'free' in app titles anymore).
    • Hotfix v4.9.4 (21 Feb): Fixed an issue where the scenario buttons of RJTT and CYYZ were invisible even after unlocking them. Also the 'goals' screen now shows which scenario is unlocked.

    v4.8 (14 November 2021):
    • Added scenarios to LFPG and KJFK. The game now features 6 scenarios in total. To start the first one, click the scenario button in the traffic menu at EHAM airport.
    • Lower occurrence of callsigns ending with alphabet characters, when playing at airports/locations where these kind of callsigns are less common, for example in America.
    • Adjustments to lower the departure rate in case the outbound traffic rate is exceeding the inbound rate.
    • Land/takeoff flow rate estimation in the side bar is now calculated for a window of 10 to 20 minutes ago (given there were at least 5 landings/takeoffs in that time window). This larger window of at least 10 minutes will average short traffic spikes over a longer time and should give a better estimation of traffic flow.
    • Reduced vertical speeds of expediting planes a bit, mainly in case the forward speed is changing at the same time.
    • Blue text line breaks off into 2 lines in case it doesn't fit on 1 line.
    • When swiping clouds from the clouds button onto the radar screen, the wind setting buttons will no longer trigger/change winds unexpectedly.
    • Added degree symbol to the heading indicator of the right-click measuring tool, to make it easier to dustinguish it from the distance indicator.
    • Adjustment to allow fast-forwarding by pressing and holding the menu button also on Windows touch devices.
    • PC: Added hints to the side bar to show the available mouse button shortcuts (for toggling ILS, altitude changes, OK, etc). The hints will automatically disappear after some time.
    • Android: app targets android 11, per Google requirements.
    • For custom airports:
      • Optional setting of alphabet character likelihood in callsigns of airlines; see the '
        ' property in the 
      • Added 
        tower naming
         value to runways; the tower name (pronunciation) can be added after the tower frequency value, to customize handoff readbacks.
      • Added '
        miles to go
        ' to the subtext when a plane is on an approach route towards a runway.
      • Corrected delay timer and fuel calculation, which was incorrectly calculated at large maps.
      • Allow for more departures when another runway used for landings intersects a takeoff runway.
      • Further increased the limit of the number of secondary airports and airspace radius.
      • Removed limit of number of airspace boundary segments.
      • Fixed toggling between approach routes of different runways when custom approach names are used.
      • Fixed approach route lower altitude limit for runways at a higher elevation.
      • Fix for possible skipping of altitudes of approach route waypoints.
      • Fixed drawing of heading line at the end of approach routes that are ending on a heading.
      • Fixed departure SID selection for scenarios.
    • Update v4.8.1 (23 Nov): Increased time limits of scenario 3 and 4 to make them a bit easier to complete (+3 minutes for both), and minor bug fixes.
    v4.7 (17 Sep 2021):
    • Allow speed of planes on the localizer to be reduced in steps of 10 knots all the way to the lowest value, instead of jumping down to final approach speed in one big step.
    • Performance improvements, for smoother zooming/panning of view.
    • Added 4 scenarios. Scenarios are short (<30 min) challenges which can be completed by landing a number of planes without mistakes. See the traffic menu at EHAM to start the first scenario.
    • Android: allow the game to run on devices without a touch screen, and changes to the load/save system to hopefully avoid apparent issues on some devices.
    • Improved wake turbulence detection on the localizer.
    • Several minor adjustments and bug fixes.
    • For custom airports:
      • Added optional approach route name which can be put at the first line of the route.
      • For airline likelihood weight factor 'amount', decimal values can now be used, to allow for more precisely defined occurrence or airlines/registrations.
      • Fixed incorrect triggering of incidents when planes were still at tower control at high elevation airports.
      • Various bug fixes to the [scenario] section.
      • Fix to avoid planes on an approach route to be handed off to the tower too far from the localizer.

    v4.6 (11 Aug 2021):
    • Added a distance tool to easily measure the distance between any two points on the radar screen. Click and release the right mouse button to start drawing a line from that point. Move the cursor to show the distance&heading between the point and the cursor position. Clicking the right mouse a second time locks the measurement tool onto the two points. The two points can also be anchored to planes.
    • New 'fixed flow' mode which lets you play with a fixed arrival and departure flow. The varying flow mode is still available (for alternating traffic flow between min and max values) by toggling the flow button from fixed to variable. Note that the flow values apply to the main airport only.
    • While in the weather menu, pressing the Ctrl key places clouds at the cursor position, as an alternative to random clouds when pressing the clouds button. Android users can swipe from the clouds button onto the radar screen to place clouds. Clouds cannot be placed at the boundary as that could block arrivals entering the airspace.
    • For Steam users: added achievement for reaching a score of 10 or more at all of the 9 included airports.
    • Keyboard players can pan the view using Shift + Arrow keys.
    • Several minor adjustments:
      • Alt key doesn't unpause the game, to allow for alt-tabbing from a paused game without unexpectedly unpausing.
      • Pressing escape key while in full screen pauses the game instead of switching to windowed mode. Also, when switching from windowed to fullscreen, the game does not automatically unpause.
      • Lowered the TTS speech rate on android a bit. After Google updated their TTS engine a couple of months ago, some voices suddenly had a faster speech rate.
      • Alt+F4 doesn't change the simulation speed anymore on before quiting.
      • Added lowest overal airport score to the 'goals' screen.
      • Minor performance improvements.
    • Changes and bug fixes regarding custom airports:
      • Approach routes that end in a holding at a defined beacon now switch to DCT mode on the last leg of the route, allowing you to enable the APP button again if there's a new route available from the beacon.
      • Allow switching between approach routes if there are multiple routes defined for the APP beacon a plane is heading towards.
      • Allow defining a custom diversion altitude; the altitude at which departures trigger a diversion penalty. By default, the 'diversionaltitude' property is equal to the 'ceiling' altitude, requiring departures to climb quickly before reaching the boundary. For smaller airspaces or when there are runways close to the boundary, a lower divertaltitude may come in handy to avoid unwanted penalties.
      • Allow a higher rate of departures when departures routes are used at parallel runways, by having occasional simultaneos takeoffs in case the routes divert from each other shortly after takeoff.
      • Longpressing SID for planes on a route will make planes readback the name of the last waypoint if the location of the last waypoint matches a defined VOR or SID beacon.
      • Fix for custom planetypes unexpectedly overriding some default planetypes.
      • Fix crash when defining custom planetypes without manufacturer property.
      • Fix for departures being already in control by the user before takeoff in case the airport elevation is near the minimum airspace altitude.
      • Allow for unique registration callsign pronunciation.
      • Departure tag displays up to 7 characters.
      • Plane mouse selection distance doesn't depend on the separation value anymore.
      • Fix crash when zooming out on a large map.

    v4.5 (9 July 2021):
    • Planes can fly from one VOR direct to another VOR, similar to the current 'VOR then heading' function, by dragging the mouse from the selected VOR onto another one.
    • Less likely trigger the 'above the glide' message when intercepting the LOC slightly high.
    • Added a couple more hints to the help mode.
    • Fix for not triggering a diversion when a handed off departure leaves the airspace boundary while flying too low.
    • Fix for gameplay timer skipping two minutes when restarting a game.
    • Changes regarding custom airports (full version):
      • Optional custom altitude per entrypoint. This will override the general 'descendaltitude' value with a custom value for a specific entrypoint.
      • Departure routes can now include an initial climb altitude to override the general 'climbaltitude' value. This can be done by adding an altitude value to the first waypoint of a route.
      • Option to let approach routes end in a holding instead of continuation on a heading or ILS. This can be done by adding the words 'end, hold' to the last line of a route.
      • Anticipated turn to a heading in case of an approach route ending on heading.
      • Option to make arrivals automatically select an approach route if the plane enters the airspace flying inbound an APP beacon. See the 'automatic' property.
      • Improved triggering the expedite mode for planes on an approach route with altitudes, to avoid levelling off early.
      • Arrivals will spawn at a fixed distance (about 10NM) from the boundary when using a polygon boundary, similar to when using a circular boundary. Before, the distance could be much larger depending on the shape of the boundary, which slows down the gameplay and could cause issues with fast planes catching up with slow planes.
      • Allow for more common lat/long coordinate formats, to avoid having to convert them.
      • Airspace radius extended to max 100NM. Smaller airspaces are recommended for gameplay reasons.
      • Arrivals inbound a beacon will check in at least 5 miles before reaching the beacon. This allows for convenient use of beacons at (or close to) the boundary, without entering a holding almost immediately.
      • Minimum selectable altitude ('floor') can now be up to 2500 feet above ground level.
      • Waypoints at the beginning of a route are not skipped anymore when a plane is close to a waypoint.
      • Fix for holding heading being ignored for APP beacons.
      • Delayed planes can now also select APP routes of alternate airports.
      • 'End game' now turns around all planes outside of the boundary.
      • Fix game freeze when using certain custom callsigns.
      • Fix for incorrect cursor position when pressing Ctrl key if a magnetic variance is used.
    • v4.5.1 (17 July 2021)
      • Fix for planes exiting a holding getting stuck if the plane's speed is increasing at the same time.
      • Planes on an APP route that ends into a holding will use the correct holding heading of the beacon (if it's specified), and the APP button will be available if the location of last waypoint matches the location of an APP beacon.
      • Fix for ignored custom climbaltitude for departure routes.
      • Fix for planes being diverted even before entering the airspace. This seems to happen only when planes are heading outbound the center of the airspace.
      • Improved display of airspace features when longpressing the airport button. Entrypoints will be drawn on the correct spawn location, route end headings are drawn after the last waypoint. On android, the touch position will be displayed, as most android users won't have a keyboard connected to press the Ctrl key.
      • Savegame function retries in case the first attempt fails.
      • Fix for skipping waypoint when changing from APP route.
    • v4.5.2:
      • Fix for auto-handoff not happening for delayed planes.
      • Game can read INI files as an alternative to txt.
    v4.4 (31 March 2021)
    • Added timer option, to pre-set a certain 'end goal' in terms of play time or number of landings.
    • Added 'end game' button to the traffic menu, which switches to custom traffic with a rate of 0 to close the airspace. It also turns planes around that were about to enter the airspace but did not yet check-in.
    • Departures now have similar speed controls to arrivals.
    • The tutorial mode will no longer enable after a high score of 7.5+ has been reached.
    • Changes to custom airports:
      • Longpress the SID button to give a direct to the last point of the departure route.
      • Approach routes can be defined as 'open-ended' instead of leading onto a localizer. When reaching the last waypoint, the plane continues on a heading, requiring vectors to the ILS.
      • Added option for airport pronunciation
      • Added option for custom localizer speed restriction (default is 200KT on the entire localizer). See the 'localizerspeed' option in the example file.
    • v4.4.2 (18 May):
      • Increased the maximum speed for planes at or above FL100 from 250KT to 300KT. Below FL100, the speed automatically reduces to 250KT, unless a speed has been assigned manually, in which case the plane's speed is maintained until the intercepting the localizer. Departures will automatically increase speed above FL100 unless a speed has been manually assigned.
      • For custom airports:
        • The FL100/250KT speed restriction can be adjusted (see 'speedrestriction' item in the example file).
        • Open-ended approach routes have their final heading drawn on screen.
        • Optionally, frequencies and atc names can be specified in order to get more realistic readbacks when handing off planes. See the added 'name' and 'handoff' items in the airspace section, and also the extra runway property to add tower frequencies.
        • Fixed issues with speed reduction on the ILS and level busts on approach routes.
      • Added reminder on startup if a timer is enabled.
      • v4.4.4: bugfix for possible incorrect speeds on loading game.
      • v4.4.6 (29 May); more minor adjustments:
        • The speed selector value will not automatically change anymore when already adjusting the speed setting while an automatic increase/reduction happens. This avoids unwanted/unnoticed speed changes if the happen just before pressing OK.
        • Fixed an issue that caused a lower than normal rate of departures, occuring since the previous update (and for custom airports only). It has to do with conflict detection with nearby aircraft and runways.
        • Fix to show wake turbulence info (instead of distance to cursor) in the subtext when using keyboard commands.
        • Fix typo where Luton was named L.
        • Performance improvement for high inbound rates.
        • Adjusted longpress timing when using speed01 command, to make the timing similar to when using the default 2Hz update rate (speed00, or longpress sweep).
        • Added a couple more hints to the beginner mode for when planes are heading for the ILS in an incorrect way.

    v4.3 (16 January 2021):
    • Fix to make sure only English TTS voices are used if one of the US or UK languages are missing.
    • Improved radar 'sweep' mode, to allow longer update intervals, and planes will now appear or disappear correctly during a radar sweep instead of any time.
    • Fixes for the 'APP' mode as used in some custom airports: the approach routes will only be available when the corresponding runway is in use for landings. Planes will also start descending at the right distance from a fix, even if there are multiple other fixes without an altitude before.
    • Fix to make the game keep loading custom text files on startup, even after one file fails to load (fails can happen due to incorrect formatting, like missing whitespaces at the beginning of lists).
    • Added more keyboard commands for changing game settings, for example 'SWEEP000' to set the radar rotation speed in tenths of seconds precision, 'DELAY0' for the pilot delay in seconds, or 'SPEED00' to lock the game into a faster speed mode (just like when F11 is 'pressed and hold' to get 20x speed, but now you can precisely set the speed). Fun fact: even the command 'SPEED01' can be used to set the game at 1x speed. It will still be realtime, but the game updates at a higher frequency, making plane movements more smooth, or radar sweeps more detailed. This may look a bit nicer, but is otherwise a waste of CPU/battery usage. SPEED00 sets it to the default rate again, or alternatively press and hold the sweep button.
    • v4.3.1 (24 February 2021):
      • longpress the 'ring' button in the display menu to double the ring size
      • bugfixes and adjustments for custom airports:
        • APP button is available when planes are holding at an 'app beacon'
        • approach routes can intercept the localizer as low as 500 feet above ground level, or as short as 1.5 miles from touchdown
    v4.2.8 (30 September 2020):
    • When dragging a heading from a plane that is flying a holding, the plane will leave the holding via the fix, unless the HOLD button is pressed first to deactivate hold mode immediately.
    • Various changes to the recently added custom airports feature, to make it a bit easier to create airspaces and to allow for adding some more detail:
      • In addition to the optional 'transition' routes to the ILS, 'departure' routes can now be added to each runway to create more detailed SIDs. And for clarity, 'transitions' are renamed to 'approaches' (but old files will be compatible).
      • The airspace boundary can now be defined as a polygon instead of a circle.
      • Restricted areas will work properly for concave polygons. Before, polygons had to be convex in order to function properly, requiring manually splitting of complex polygons into smaller ones. Now this will be done automatically.
      • All routes can be displayed at once for easier editing/verification of routes. Ctrl + click sets visual markers on the screen for easier positioning of multiple locations.
      • Improved pronunciation of long VOR names.
    • Several minor adjustments: reduced doubletap timing to avoid unwanted zooming, reduced warning messages from planes near the boundary, increased time before tower orders speed reduction after handoff, added more hints for beginners.
    • Several hotfixes where released, mainly to fix various issues with the new custom airports feature:
    • Hotfix v4.2.9 (22 October 2020): fixed bug that caused errors when adding multiple departure routes to a runway, fixed bug that made airplanes leave and re-enter multiple times when flying near the boundary, and approach beacons are now highlighted for better visibility to the user.
    • Hotfix v4.2.10 (1 November 2020): show available route(s) if an APP beacon is selected, fix for decimal values for custom LOC and GS angles, removed limit for number of approaches/departures/areas, optional specific inbound beacons for secondary airports similar to the main airport, reduced number of departures at the start of a game when many runways are in use.
    • Hotfix v4.2.11 (17 November 2020): fix for unneeded go-arounds when two localizers are crossing each other close to the touchdown zone, departures leaving the boundary below 15000 feet above ground level are not counted as 'diverted' anymore even if the 'ceiling' is defined higher than that level, fix for issue with case sensitivity for custom planetypes.

    v4.2 (6 July 2020):

    • Improved multitouch (android), to make panning possible after lifting one finger from the screen
    • Adjusted localizer status LOC, which will only be active when the plane points towards the runway, not when overshooting the ILS.
    • Improved help pages and hints.
    • Added experimental feature in the full version: custom airports, by editing text files. See this page for more info.
      • v4.2.3: hotfixes for several custom airport properties
      • v4.2.5: increased range of several airspace properties, added separation item, improved fail messages on loading custom airport, more tolerant interpretation of incorrectly defined custom properties.
      • v4.2.6 (22 July): more departures from runways intersecting landing runways, bug fix for multiple transitions per runway, less slow startup when using many custom files, wider range of allowed altitudes for various airspace properties, decreased chance of accidental doubleclick zoom or panning, in no departure mode the departure runways are greyed out.
      • v4.2.7 (4 Aug): further adjustments for allowing more departures near intersecting runways at EDDF and RJTT, fixed transition option for custom secondary airports, fixed graphical glitch when zooming quickly, updated some SID points for EGLL. This hotfix was applied to the full version only, as the changes don't affect the free version.

    v4.1 (29 February 2020):
    • Elevation of secondary airports can be different from main airport (for example at Luton the elevation is a bit higher than at Heathrow)
    • Fast forward 20x speed by pressing and holding the menu button (or press F11 key)
    • Planes already in a turn won't leave and re-enter the airspace
    • Improved framerate (PC) and touch detection (android)
    • Planes in holding patterns correct for the wind
    • Option to quit game by ctrl + Q command, or the quit button in the About menu.
    • Option to disable panning/zooming by clicking the lock button in the display menu, per user requests. This may be useful to avoid unwanted zoom events when clicking on planes quickly, or for having a steady view during gameplay recordings/timelapses. However, each time when starting the game, you have to lock the screen manually, so you can adjust the view first.
    • TTS improvements on android 9+ (using more English voices, if available on the device)
    • Added some more hints to learn new users about several (less visible) features.

    v4.0 (25 October 2019):
    • Added 9th airport (Sydney YSSY, full version)
    • Dark sidebar option
    • Flow indicator in sidebar (shows amount of planes per hour, measured in a 20 minute window)
    • EGLL: initial descent level increased to FL90, and increased the airspace radius to 37 NM.
    • Pressing ESC does not close the game anymore (PC)
    • Smoother scrolling and performance improvements (android)
    • More reliable wake distance indicator (arc), and several other minor adjustments
    • Yellow text line is displayed on two lines when it doesn't fit on screen

    v3.9.8 (8 July 2019):
    • Choose between label styles: there's now a 2-line and a 4-line option, in addition to the default 3-line plane label. In real life, radar displays differ per country/facility, but in the game you can choose between 3 styles in the display menu.
    • The text at the bottom of the screen has a black background for better readability when planes overlap
    • Handoffs for departures are now only allowed above 3000 feet from the ground, to avoid (accidental) early handoffs and encourage the player to handoff planes when they're high&safe in the airspace
    • Lowered area restrictions at EDDF with 500 feet, to avoid issues with low GA traffic, and it's actually slightly more similar to the real life situation
    • Ability to move the sidebar to the other side using a quick&easy swipe from menu button
    • Improved holding entry (direct, parallel and teardrop), and corrected the Lambourne holding at EGLL into a left turn pattern, as it is in real life
    • Help menu added for beginners

    v3.9 (21 Dec 2018):
    • Added more weight categories, totalling 6 (as in 'RECAT' used in some places in real life), for more efficient wake turbulence separation, both on the localizer and time between departures.
    • Added occasional (rare) light traffic (labelled 'L') at several airports.
    • Wake arc will adapt dynamically to the required distance between two plane categories (instead of always displaying two arcs for 'H' and 'M' categories). 
    • Planes inbound secondary airports will have a slightly different (mint) label color, so they're easier to distinguish from planes inbound to main airport.
    • v3.9.3 (6 Feb 2019):
      • Added low contrast option, to reduce display issues on certain monitors (VA, OLED) with slow black->grey transitions. When contrast setting is at '0', the black pixels will be actually dark grey pixels, improving display quality when panning/zooming.
      • Enabled multiwindow support (android 7+) to allow for multitasking; could be useful on devices with large screens (tablets, chromebooks). App scales best in landscape dimensions, by design, because the options bar is on the side. Also added 64bit support on android, per new Google Play store requirements.
      • Wake turbulence distance is added to text at the bottom when mouse cursor hovers above a near plane (and on android: when multitouch is used on two planes). When hovering over a near plane, the bearing towards the plane is displayed.
    • v3.9.4 (9 March 2019):
      • Wake turbulence distance is more clearly displayed to the user (birghter arcs, exact distance shown in infotext)
      • Better mouse support on android; similar as the PC version
    • v3.9.6 (25 May 2019):
      • more light category aircraft, mainly at North American fields
      • corrected Toronto departure headings to allow for parallel departures
      • better explanation of the meaning of several buttons for beginners

    v3.8 (14 Nov 2018):
    • 2 new locations! CYYZ and RJTT were added.
    • Customizable traffic rate
      • Set traffic mode to custom to be able to set a skill value and skill cap yourself. The skill value will determine the amount of planes you have in your control at a time (and it opens more runways, and it determines the amount of traffic to secondary runways).
      • Set traffic mode to 'flow' for a fixed flow of inbound and outbound traffic. For example, set it at 30 and you'll get 30 planes per hour departing, and 30 planes per hour arriving at the main airport.
      • Added buttons for 'no departure' mode and 'no secondary traffic' mode.
    • Customizable wind direction/speed/clouds.
    • Better runway change implementation.
    • More display settings: range rings, and XL font (android).

    v3.7 (30 Aug 2018):
    • Change runway configuration (by tapping the RWY CHG button, or F12) without risking missed approaches. Can be handy if there's weather near a runway, or the wind has changed. After a runway change request, it takes a few minutes before new approach clearances can be given.
    • Inactive runways are visible (in grey).
    • Removed doubletap ILS for LLZ mode, as it could be too easily selected by accident. LLZ mode is now hidden behind a longpress between the altitude buttons.
    • Android app targets Oreo and has an updated icon and full keyboard support.
    • Better departure capacity from parallel runways.
    • When selected, handed over planes still have the yellow target heading line visible.
    • Hold right mouse button to show estimated time for the plane to reach cursor position.
    • Adjusted transition altitudes for EGLL and EDDF.

    v3.6 (6 July 2018):
    • long press and doubleclick functionality of the sidebar is now also usable for the mouse and keyboard commands
    • planes can be cleared for the localizer only (LLZ mode) by typing LOC or LLZ, or longpress between the altitude buttons. This won't land the planes, it only avoids GS capture, so eventually full ILS mode needs to be activated as well.
    • doubleclick SID autoselects highest altitude
    • if player doesn't manually handoff planes, then pilots eventually won't notify user anymore when they switch frequency automatically, to reduce repetative messages
    • hover mouse above plane to show type and distance from selected plane, on android use second finger to show distance from selected plane
    • after a long delay planes will divert automatically

    v3.5 (14 March 2018):
    • planes can make turns greater than 180 degrees: instead of defaulting to the shortest turn to the selected heading, planes can now also turn 'the long way round' to a heading, making turns up to 360 degrees with one command
    • doubletap between heading buttons to easily command a 360 turn over right or left
    • separate savegames per airport: switch between airports without losing progress
    • adjusted penalty for separation incidents: constant 0.5 point reduction per incident + small time component (results in less skill reduction for long duration separation incidents)
    • smarter tower: it can reduce speed of planes (that are handed over) that are too close to a preceding plane (within 10 miles from touchdown); this could avoid missed approaches
    • added L and R keyboard commands for left and right turns, H can still be used for shortest turn, and T is now used for headings after beacon.
    • button added in menu to switch sidebar to the other side
    • speed will not reduce automatically to 220KT anymore if user has set a speed
    • faster speech rate when time multiplier is enabled
    • game starts paused when skill is high (12+)
    • for emergencies the vertical seperation is 500ft

    v3.4 (18 January 2018):
    • two finger pan/zoom (android)
    • green text at the bottom now fits on screen (using two lines of text when needed)
    • no automatic altitude change anymore when enabling SID mode (mainly affects KJFK area where SID is off by default; it should avoid unwanted climbs)
    • added a warning message before cap mode is enabled for the first time, because goals won't trigger anymore when cap has been used

    v3.3 (7 December 2017):
    • LFPG and KJFK airports added to full version
      • Paris (LFPG) has Orly (LFPO) as secondary airport, and flights over Paris city are only allowed at FL66 or higher.
      • New York (KJFK) has Laguardia (KLGA) and Newark (KEWR) as 'secondary' airports (although they're quite busy), and all departures fly on a heading instead of the usual SID mode, so you'll need to enable SID manually at some point to clear them to their departure fix.
    • reduced separation to 2.5NM for planes on the same ILS, closer than 10 miles from the runway; this avoids incidents due to compression when the preceding plane reduces speed
    • category 'super' aircraft now have a J in the label instead of an S
    • the skill value can be lowered (to reduce traffic), and decreasing it below 4.0 closes the airspace
    • text at the bottom of the screen shows the distance d from plane to cursor (when mouse is used)

    v3.2 (19 July 2017):
    • more departures, by having occasional simultaneous takeoffs when it gets busy
    • reduced separation requirement between two departures on divergent headings (15 degrees or more), to make simultaneous takeoffs possible
    • reduced separation requirement for a short period of time after a plane is going around; this avoids double penalties
    • Steam release (19 July 2017)
    • TTS speech queue improvements; readbacks come before new calls, and pilots will less likely 'interrupt' you while giving commands
    • easier expediting climb by doubletapping in the middle between the altitude buttons
    • incident alarm sound is now silenced when selecting an involved plane, to avoid annoyance

      v3.1 (2 June 2017):
      • Wake turbulence behind heavies.
      • additional android version released (see Play Store, first release on 12 April 2017) with multiple airports and extra options
      • custom zoom by doubletap + drag up/down
      • optional high speed climb
      • automatic repositioning of labels for parallel approaching planes, to avoid label overlap

        v3.0 (7 February 2017):
        • Pilot speech added.
        • Manual handoff of planes (optional).
        • Move sidebar to the other side by doubletapping the menu button.
        • Plane types are now visible in the infotext at the bottom of the screen.
        • Share your stats via the button in the goals screen.
        • In the PC version (see here, released on on 11 Dec 2015), restricted areas and multiple airports were added (Atlanta, London and Frankfurt).

            Earlier updates:

            v2.9 Added expedite mode / alternate ILS* mode / HOLD at position mode
            v2.8 Smaller font size / more help for beginners / several adjustments.
            v2.7 Added RD airport / more realistic separation rules / delays.
            v2.6 Changable font size / sound alerts.
            v2.5 Departures can now be vectored / various improvements.
            v2.4 Added pilot delay / various small tweaks.
            v2.3 Changes in separation requirements.
            v2.2 Added automatic save function.
            v2.1 Goals added / points scored per plane now depends on current score.
            v2.0 Skill cap function / new menu.
            v1.9 Pan view / cancel button / graphical changes.
            v1.8 Double tap to zoom / various small tweaks.
            v1.7 Zoom toggle button added / various small tweaks.
            v1.6 Label shows 3-letter code / bugfixes.
            v1.5 Bugfixes / changes to departure and arrival rate.
            v1.4 Fixed parallel ILS bug / departure rate now depends on skill value.
            v1.3 Fixed crash high dpi devices / various small tweaks.
            v1.2 Touch improvements.
            v1.1 Hints for beginners / bugfixes.
            v1.0 Released on Play Store on November 2, 2013.


              1. Just installed it, nice game! Thanks for posting!

              2. Hey -- I've been messing with this app for a few days and I love it. Most of the above I figured out on my own based on the on-screen tips. One thing I would wish for it is a more reliable way to save, exit, and resume -- sometimes when I suspend the app I can resume from where I left off, and sometimes it resets. Other than that, it's a blast and very well done. Thanks!

                1. Hi Rob. When pressing the back button while the game is paused, the game exits completely. When pressing the home, or when switching tasks, the game is paused and android keeps it in its memory until it the game is activated again. But when android runs out of memory, it automatically kills paused apps.

                  A save game function would avoid this, but I haven't done this because its a lot of work (creating a function that writes everything to a file and one that loads it). So far I only store the high score value.

                2. Thanks for the reply. I know you put the app up for free and thus you're pretty much volunteering your time for development & support. But I for one would be willing to buy a full version for a reasonable price if it could save & resume more reliably. :)

                  I also made two other suggestions in my Google Play review which I'll mention here -- (1) a means of moving the command panel to the right side, so I can tap the buttons with my right hand (most of us are right-handed, after all) and not obscure the radar screen while doing it; and an option to limit the number of planes in control at once, so I can sit there mindlessly and truly enjoy "endless atc" instead of dealing with an ever-increasing level of sheer madness.

                  All that being said, I appreciate the work you've done and it's a great product as-is. These are simply suggestions for further development, should you decide to invest the time and effort. Thanks for a truly enjoyable and well-conceived ATC app!

                  Cheers, -R.

              3. As a former en route controller myself this was a lot of fun trying my hand at terminal. Keep up the great work. Been looking for a good tracon sim for a long time.

                Any plans for sound?

              4. Hello, great app, but please add STAR, add SAVING POSITION :-)

                1. Games are now saved! About STARs: as far as I know, on big airports planes are usually vectored to the ILS. On Schiphol for example, only at night hours complete STARs are flown.

              5. Hi again -- I have been VERY pleased to see that my suggestions for save-and-resume as well as capping the skill level have been incorporated. This is truly a five-star app -- nothing I've come across in the realm of ATC simulations online (for phones or PCs) has even come close. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

              6. Bert Horn April 23 2014

                I have been playing Endless ATC for about 5 or 6 weeks and I love it. I'm 77 and used to spend many hours a day watching TV. Now I watch a little TV and spend hours playing your game. I did encounter one problem the other night which I didn't understand. I was trying to land a KLM heavy flight but it kept making missed approaches. I put all other flights on hold and tried many combinations of speed and altitude(4000 ft and below) approaching the ILS from entry points between the altitude markers and above. Nothing seemed to work until by chance I made my approach from the other side of the ILS beam. That worked fine. Is this by design or just an anomaly? In any case I would love to see this game on my PC since it would be so much easier to see the plane info that is displayed next to the plane. My old eyes require a magnifying glass because I am using a smart phone since I do not own a tablet computer. It would be worth paying for the game to help cover the expense of your time and I would guess that you would get many new users. Another possibility would be to display the actual altitude and speed on the side panel to make it readable. Thanks again for a great game. Bert Horn tried to enter my name and url but I don't know what my required host name would be.

                1. Hi Bert, thanks for you comment. About the missed approach issue: it shouldn't matter from which side the plane intercepts the localizer. If it keeps missing approach, it's either a bug (please check for updates in the Play store), or the plane is flying too high to catch the glideslope. Try intercepting the localizer further away from the runway, for example at the 3000 or even 4000 feet marker, while flying at 2000 feet. Then it has more miles to stabilize on the localizer, so it can catch the glide later on when passing the 2000 feet marker.

              7. Giovanni BrambillaWednesday, June 25, 2014

                Is there a Windows PC Version avbl?

                1. This comment has been removed by the author.

                2. Hi, a PC version is now available.

              8. Greetings,

                This is a 4star game, it does what it says with a good degree of accuracy. But I've uninstalled it rather quickly for one reason: I was about to suffer RSI on high skill levels in order to keep things running.

                So these are my comments on the game:
                -The workload is too little (almost boring) at the beginning and becomes extremely high near the "end" (almost insane).
                -Airports are black holes, they "absorb" aircraft without letting them go ie too many arrivals, too little departures.
                -Controlling departures as well (besides altitude assignment) will be also interesting.
                -Nagging the player once when approaching a point and once more when entering a holding pattern is useless. What really interests real life controllers (especially when they get busy), is crossing the finals. And as far as I am concerned, if a controller forgets a plane without letting them know to "expect vector across finals", the plane will call the controller.
                Finally, when the TMA becomes crowded, more than one controllers could be in charge. For example, LGAV might occupy one departures controller (DEP) and up to 3 arrival controllers (ARR1, ARR2, ARR3), two intermediate and one final director. Could that be a multiplayer idea for the future?

                Keep up the good work,


                (PS: I didn't rate this app and I don't have any such intentions, since I'm not willing to create a g+ account just for rating apps in play store; sorry.)

                1. Hi Stelios, thanks for your feedback. I will consider some of the points you made for future updates.

                  What started as a simple game has now become quite realistic. For some players it can't be realistic enough, while others play it more like a puzzle game, with increasing difficulty.

                  And just to be sure: you can speed the game up (2x-4x) at the beginning, and later on limit the rate of arrivals for a more realistic workload using the cap option.

                2. Hi startgrid, I know how it started; that's how I started my own ATC simulator for PC about 7 years ago ;)
                  Nothing public yet but I will try soon.

                  About time speed yes I know but I totally missed cap so thanks for letting me know! I will be glad to see some of my recommendations implemented in one of your future releases.

                  Once again, nice job, keep it up.


              9. Great game. Played and loved ATC2 simulator on the PC (uses voice commands) and this is the closest atc game that's most similar on android I've found. Cheers.

              10. what is critria for a diverted plane? thx.

                good game

                1. An arriving plane is diverted when when it leaves the airspace at the 30 nm boundary. A departing plane is diverted when it leaves the airspace at the boundary while flying at or below FL100.

              11. Hi, this is a great game, really well done.

                As far as I can tell, the runways are randomly generated, but the beacons are always in the same place. Therefore sometimes the beacons are in really unhelpful places. Is there any scope for having completely different setups with regards to this?

                Thanks a lot.

                1. Hi Liam. The layout is based on Schiphol airport. For the beacons, I use actual locations VOR/NDBs and some fixes found on charts online. Some runways have a locator too. The fixes near the perimeter are mostly used for departures.

                  To avoid a cluttered screen, there are not too many fixes (only the most used ones). Headings should mainly be used the guide the traffic.

              12. Nice ATC Game ,is a PC Version exist ?

                Please is possible to add pilots voice in this game for a perfect réality. tks

              13. The only thing i miss is a donate button. Amazon wish list maybe?

              14. Great game! One plane that took off made an emergeny-call and wanted to return to the airport. Does that just happen randomly and can a plane have an emergency when the skill-cap is on?

                1. Do you get extra skill level points by vectoring him bac quickly to land?

                2. Same amount as normal arrivals.

              15. Hi again! LOVE the updates. One small thing -- pilots inbound to Schiphol would not care nor report that they are crossing the EHRD loc. Thanks!

              16. Hello,
                Des this app work on thé Galaxy Tab 4? 'Coz I votre trouble when I'de like to ans were or guide thé aircrafts.
                Thanks to reply me quickly.

                1. I don't know, but if it works, you should directly see a radar screen with one or more planes on it. See the images above.

              17. Rob. I am pilot for a major airline. You have nailed it. Love the game.

                Question: When you have dual approaches running. You select an aircraft to land 18r ILS (he is coming from the west) . However, due to traffic you need him to switch to 18c. How do you reset the ILS for 18c. I tried reselecting ILS button, vectoring the plane to the east and vectoring him to 18c. However, I could not get him to change to 18c. He always indicated 18r. It really messed up my traffic flow. LOL.

                OTHER USERS. I am scoring in the 25.0 level. Are you doing better? Techniques?

                1. Thanks!

                  Answer: a plane is assigned to the nearest runway he's pointing at when you enable ILS and press OK. This makes it easy to play the game, however it's indeed a bit tricky to assign planes coming from the west to the eastward runway. You could disable the ILS clearance (and press OK), let the plane pass the localizer of 18R, then enable ILS again somewhere between the localizers to assign it to 18C. Best practice though, is to avoid this situation by balancing the amount of traffic evenly earlier on, for example by dividing traffic from the southwest between 18R (right hand circuit) and 18C (left hand circuit after SPL).

                2. So, I have found that when you select ILS. The plane must be below the ILS feather line, to capture that ILS.

                  Example: 18R and 18C are active . A plane is being vectored from the EAST to 18c. If you look at the 18R extended line. (It is higher than 18c because of the runway offset).

                  If the vectored Plane is above the 18C extends line and you select ILS. It will always capture the 18R ILS course. So, it would be nice if you could somehow override this and tell the aircraft which ILS you would like it to capture.


                3. This issue is now solved by an update. Before, when you wanted to give approach clearence for 18C from the east, while being far from the runway, then the plane would be abeam the 18R localizer first. Hence the ILS for 18R was selected before the desired 18C ILS was detected.

                  From now on, the ILS can be detected further out from the runway, so even when the plane is not yet near/abeam the localizer. This makes selecting the correct runway more predictable.

              18. Adding the Hi Res data tags has helped reduce clutter for high end screens. Thank you. M

              19. Its an awesome game with realistic situation and separation rules, CA alert is sensitive as well, ILS intercepting angle and glide is pretty accurate as well. Future suggestion could implement real airport runway configuration or enable user to decide the heading of the runway :)

                Overall great job

                Long time fan

              20. A truly amazing game. Congratulations on a job very well done. I'm a pilot and really missed an accurate ATC game for Android, you nailed it.

              21. Awesome game, i am spending a lot of time on it... 2 questions... 1) what us the high-score of the "experts" here..... 2) I get the comment "is delayed.... what does that mean? what did i do wrong?

                1. When a plane hasn't landed within about 30 minutes after entering the airspace, it's classified as delayed. So to keep flawless, the player also has to be time efficient. At high traffic rates that's pretty hard.

                2. Anonymous, I'm curious about high scores too. The best I've managed is 21 or so - after that run out of time and space to control all the aircraft, and start to have separation incidents. The Endurance III goal is the last one to get.

                  If people are going higher it would be great to see some video of how they manage that.

              22. complement to question 2: I get "[callsign] is delayed" sometimes when there is a lot of traffic.

              23. Great game! I have been using it and enjoying it for a long time. But with the new update, I noticed the hold button for aicraft is missing. May we please have it back?

                1. The 'hold' button next to the 'ILS' button was a bit too prominent, considering that holding planes inside of the simulated airspace is very rare, let alone holding at any position. In real life, there's a published holding at SPY, but it's seldom used.

                  On the other hand, it seems some player would like having the option to hold anywhere back, so maybe it will return in the future in some way.

                2. Holding a plane at it's current position is now possible by longpressing the DCT button.

              24. startgrid, many thanks for a very enjoyable game. I'd love to donate via some mechanism other than bitcoin, have you ever considered Paypal or similar ?

                The usual layout at Schiphol makes for lots of variation, but adding other airports would a be great addition. The interaction between Schiphol and Rotterdam can be fun, so maybe San Francisco with San Jose and/or Oakland would also work.

                1. Thanks. A bitcoin address was an easy addition. For now I created a PC version, allowing donation via Paypal also.

              25. Any chance of developing new airports to try? Great game - current high score is 27.5! Andy

              26. I understand the H at the end of a callsign means heavy, but what is the N?

              27. I also see a *F on a callsign. What is that?

                1. The numbers and letter(s) in the callsign are random and have no meaning, but the letter after the groundspeed means either medium or heavy.

              28. Are you a ATC or just a game developer?

                1. Developer with connections to actual ATC.

              29. Why do landing at some run way it says wrong airport? How to recognize correct runway?

                1. One runway, namely '24RD', is located at a different airport. Some planes have an 'RD' tag (see image above), which means they must land at '24RD' and not some runway on the main airport. Planes without the additional RD tag must land at the main aiport.

              30. this is the best atc game I have ever seen! love it!

              31. This comment has been removed by the author.

              32. Love the game!! Can you please do an Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport or Chicago O'Hare layout?

                1. Thanks! Maybe eventually, but I can't give a roadmap.

              33. This comment has been removed by the author.

              34. HI, guys!
                Well..I'd like to say, that I'm really impressed!
                I'm about to graduate University of civil aviation soon and finely become an air traffic controller, so I do know something about this things.
                So, it's really amazing! I've installed this game for about 2 years ago and I'm not going to delete it because it's very cool.
                I have a question also. What about prohibited areas? Are you going to add some?

                1. Thanks. Good luck!
                  I may add areas in the future, as long as it doesn't get too complicated/cluttered on small screens.

              35. How does the text to speech output work?

                1. For now, this is for the PC version only. In the menu, set sound mode to 2 or 3 and it should work.

                2. Is it possible to change the voice?

                3. This comment has been removed by the author.

                4. Update. It now changes voice automatically. For best results, both US and UK language packs (Windows) should be installed.

                5. And now voices are also added on android. To change the voices, see the android TTS settings for the UK and US languages.

              36. Hi
                Are you going to add the new airports to the Android App aswell? I´d like to paly them whereever I am...Not only at PC

                1. I understand. The plan is to bring it also to android in some way, yes.

                2. Thank you.
                  Merry Christmas

                3. Hallo again,
                  Can you say how long it will take until the update will be released for android?

                4. This comment has been removed by the author.

                5. Hi startgrid
                  It's amazing! I love the game after the update. Thank you very much for programming this game. I think the price is very fair, it could even be a little bit more expensive.

                  I love London the most, because there are 4 different airports and the airspace are very clear. Atlanta is very challenging in my opinion. Frankfurt is nice as well.
                  I am looking forward for more improvements and maybe even more airports?!

                6. PS:
                  Forgott to mention a bug I noticed. Sometimes it happens, that two planes on parallel localicers have a sepperation incident even when they are handed over to tower. I am not quite sure weather it's a bug or weather I am doing something wrong, but it's very annoying.

                7. Nice feedback! About the possible bug: planes on different localizers should indeed never trigger an incident. Maybe in your case one plane was not (yet) nicely stabilized on the loc, but still turning? Otherwise, let me know the runway combo and I'll doublecheck.

                8. Hello,
                  Why did you remove the wake turbulence behind heavies/supers? Or is it just a bug? For sure they are gone, but I liked them very much because it was very challenging :)

                9. Not removed, but they only go around if they get more than one mile under the minima, to have some margin.

                10. Ah ok. I think it was better when you had the indication rings behind the airplanes...

              37. One more question ;)
                I think it would be cool if you could set the amount of planes per airport yourself. This would be very cool for maps like London, where you have 3 airports. At the moment there is nearly no traffic on Rotterdam airport :(
                Do you think that's possible?
                (For example 75% at EHAM and 25% at EHRD)

                1. Thanks for the suggestion. Now, the amount of traffic to RD is indeed quite low (like in real life). For London the amount is a bit higher. The traffic rate is proportional to the current skill value.

              38. I like the PC version, except I found that there is not a "Reset" option to reset the game. Please correct this as soon as you can. Thank you, David B.

                1. When you click on an airport in the menu, a new game is started, unless 'cap' mode is enabled AND you select the same airport: in that case, only the runway configuration is changed. To reset, disable cap or click on a different airport first.

              39. On the Android version I got a plane with an Engine Failure, but it had not ILS option. How should I handle that?

                1. Wait until the pilots are ready for approach. ILS option should appear after a couple of minutes.

              40. If the game is updated, you need to reinstall the game?
                Or it updates automatically?

                1. To update, download it and overwrite the old files. Alternatively, if you use the app, it updates automatically.

              41. Can you add San Francisco and Munich please?

              42. Hi! I really love your game! Thanks for this!

                There's a little issue in Atlanta (I think). Sometimes, two planes arrive from the same location, one at level 110 and the other at 120. The last one keeps at 120 no matter what a do! It really refuses to go down. After a while, it says goodbye and I lose comm with it. Could it be a "inspector" seeing if I'm doing crap things (lol)?

                Again, thanks for you great job in this game.

                1. Thanks for your report! This issue was fixed last week, so please redownload the game and try again.

              43. Endless ATC in my opinion is the best ATC game out there,but i tink there`s an issue at Frankfurt.Planes come from the north,while at the real airport they don`t.Can you fix this, please?

                1. Sure :) I'll make adjustments to EDDF to make less likely for planes to arrive frome the north. To be included in a future update.

                2. Thank you very much

              44. Bonjour, merci pour votre travail, ce jeu me plaît beaucoup, installé sur ma tablette cependant j'aimerais aussi l'avoir sur mon Android Huawei mate 7 mais impossible... Auriez vous s'il vous plaît un lien pour une version précédente.. Merci beaucoup

                1. Merci! Mail me if you want to try an older version.

              45. Hey! Very good game, I just purchased the new Android full version!
                Is there any plan to have custom zoom level? Or a further level, at least, it is very crowded at times.

                1. Hey, thanks! Yep, that is planned for a future update.

              46. How do you view the full message from the pilot? At the moment the text gets cut off instead of going to a new line and I can't see a way to expand it. Also this is an awesome app, have become throughly addicted - congrats :-)

                1. Yeah, that's a small glitch on phones. Will try to condense the subtitle even further. Thanks :-)

              47. Sometimes it is difficult to see whether an aircraft is Heavy or Super because it is directly above/below another aircraft. I suggest that when an aircraft is selected, populate the display near the top left of the screen (below score) with the info about the selected aircraft.

                1. Agreed, I'll make improvements on label visibility in a next update.

              48. Hello, is it allowed to ask about your planes for the future of Endless ATC? Which features will be added? Thank you for your amazing work again. It's getting better and better over time :)

                1. Currently looking at ways to increase the departure capacity, e.g. by having simultaneous takeoffs in different directions. Trying to make it a little bit better each update :)

              49. Really love this game, will there be any ios or macos version in the future?
                Also it will be nice if the map is a bit bigger.

              50. Thank you! ios/mac is unlikely. Thanks for the suggestion.

              51. Awesome game, just purchased the Android version.

                Shouldn't the airspace floors be


                So as an example, "35 or higher" could be


                Instead it's currently


                1. Thanks. That notation could also be used. I chose to use the current notation to show the minimum altitude in areas, for all planes ('X') or special planes ('tag'). For example 25/LC says the ceiling of the tower zone at London City is at 2500 feet.

              52. Hello,
                Are there any plans for the future of Endless ACT ? I think it would be very nice to have more airports available. For example San Francisco( whole bay area?) Or New York with all 3 airports?
                Thanks for the amazing game!

                1. Hello. Yes, more locations are likely. Thank you.

              53. Hi,

                I have played both version on android and steam.
                Is this possible for you to add the 'new' button to the PC version? As i can't find this thing in the game. It would be nice if you can start from zero again if you make a mess in the game.


                1. Hi. If you select an airport, a new game is started. Yes, maybe this would be more clear if there was a dedicated button.

              54. Hello,

                really love this game, I play it since the first release but you reallty should add STAR on the simulator.
                I mean, it's true that in busy airport vectors are needed. But just at final moments for sequence, before they usually stay under RNAV STAR (like in Roma Fiumicino). When, on the game, you have 25 aircraft under vectors it's just crazy!

                Anyway best approach simulation

                1. Hi Davide, thanks for your input. Indeed, the game is limited to vectors and ILS approaches, while in real life there are more options. This makes the game easier to pick up and control, and it's still pretty close to real life operations (for example, at Schiphol all planes in the terminal airspace get vectors, except at night when it's quiet, only then RNAV transitions are used). But this may differ per facility.

                  In any case, 25 aircraft is very busy, that would IRL require more controllers on different frequencies.

                  Anyway, I'll keep your suggestion in mind, but I also like to keep the game simple!

              55. Hello, I´m Alonso i have 16 years and i live in spain.
                I love your game; it were fantastic if in the next updates you add spain airports like:
                Madrid(LEMD) or
                Barcelona TMA ( Barcelona El-Prat(LEBL), Reus(LERS), Girona(LEGE) and Lleida(LEDA)) or
                Palma TMA (Palma de mallorca (LEPA), Ibiza(LEIB) and Menorca(LEMH) or
                Canarias TMA (But Canarias TMA Will be crazy too much airports haha) or any airport of spain; it will be fantastic. If you have any question of my idea write to my e-mail:

              56. For planes on the ILS, it is quite hard to determine the position of the arc that indicates the minimum separation behind a heavy/super aircraft when it gets busy. Although it is still visible if I zoom in, it waste time to do it. My suggestion is to have the arc 'glow' yellow if the plane is on the ILS and it is tap by the player so that the arc can be more visible.

                1. Agreed, I'll change the color to make it better visible.

                2. Thank you for the update, really love the yellow arc. It make me play much more efficiently (especially at KATL with score>25).
                  But I like the colour of the buttons were before, it is now a bit too sharp for my eyes. The version before is more "clean" I guess
                  But this is just my personal preference, really enjoy the game

              57. Een super simulatie! Simpele interface en super realistisch.

                Ik durf het bijna niet te zeggen (want het is al vaak gezegd) dat ik het een goed idee vindt om STARS toe te voegen. Inderdaad irl gaat het via vectoring, maar het zou wel fijn zijn als de kisten via de transitions de sector binnenkomen, dus via RIVER en SUGOL etc. Geeft net iets meer structuur op de inbounds.

                Maar bovenal een super game! (ook zonder SIDS en STARS)

                1. Dank je! The traffic enters (more or less) via one of the three fixes, like IRL. Only approach control is simulated here; the three fixes/holdings are therefore located just outside of the airspace. But for the London area I decided to zoom out a bit more to add the four initial fixes/holding stacks to the controlled airspace.
                  Transitions to the ILS are indeed not implemented, but that keeps the game more simple, and vectoring is more fun :)

              58. Hello,
                I played Endless ATC. It is really nice!
                I'm Japanese, want to spread this game thinking in Japan.

                So I translated game manual to Japanese,

                and I maked tutorial movie. Two virtual newsreader girls explain about basic rules.
                (Sorry, It is Japanese only. Please use Youtube's auto translate if you'd like...)

                That is the best ATC simulation that I ever played. I'll be cheering you on !

                1. Hi Takaty-,
                  Nice video, well done! I think you explained the game very clearly for new players! Thanks a lot for the support!

                2. Hello.

                  I tried Endless ATC V3.5. and there are some questions.

                  1. Is there shortcut key for instruct a 360 turn ? (same function to double taps)

                  2. After boot, Appear airplanes when first pause. but second or later, no appear airplanes in pause. and screen slide to right under. is it some function like screen saver...?
                  (personally, I like green screen of before version...)

                  I need to update Japanese manual. I'd appreciate it if you could teach me that.

                3. Sure!
                  1. Not really, but you can use the L or R command without giving a heading to make a 360 turn. Works if a plane is not already in a turn.
                  2. Indeed, the pause screen was changed, so now you can have a look at the radar while taking a break. When pausing again later, the planes will not appear; the idea for this is that repeatedly using the pause function cannot be used as an 'exploit' to slow the game down/make it easier. However if this feels inconsistent to players I may revert it.

              59. Thank you for answer my questions. I added description in Japanese manual.
                I continue cheer new players and you !

              60. Hello,

                I find Endless ATC really good! However since the last update I can't reset the game, it just picks up from where I left off. How can I solve this?

                Thank You!

                1. If you click on the selected airport button, the game resets. Thx!

                2. Yes, I've tried that but it continues on all airports, it doesn't reset at all. Perhaps I should re-install?

                  Thank you for the prompt reply!

                3. Shouldn't be necessary. What happens exactly when you repeatedly click on the EHAM button, for example? Here it just restarts on every click.

                4. So what happens is that I start the session for let's say EDDF and it builds up to a certain level, let's say 20 and at that point I exit the game. Next time I start the game it continues at the point where I quit. Before, if I wanted to re-start the scenario and start all over again, all I had to do was to select different airport, and then again switch back to EDDF and scenario would start from scratch.

                  But now, that doesn't happen! It doesn't reset on any airport but keeps remembering each position for each airport.

                  I've tried re-installing the game via steam but that doesn't help, strangely!?

                5. That's as intended; switching airports doesn't reset anymore, allowing you to play different airports without having to start over each time you switch. But resetting should still happen when you press current airport button again. So pressing EDDF twice should always make it start from scratch. Otherwise, something is wrong!

              61. "Emergency Separation
                If, during an emergency situation, it is not possible to ensure that the applicable horizontal separation can be maintained, emergency separation of half the applicable vertical separation minimum may be used. This means that a 1000 ft vertical separation minimum may be reduced to 500 ft and 2000 ft vertical separation minimum may be reduced to 1000 ft. All flight crews concerned must be advised if emergency separation is used.

                The use of emergency separation is described in ICAO Doc 4444, 15.7.1."
       from Sky Library

                Came across this paragraph a while ago, don't know if this is something you would like to implement?

                1. Sure, it's only a small change that doesn't affect normal gameplay.

              62. Hello, is there any chance to have a IOS version?

                1. No, I don't have the knowledge and hardware to do that, unfortunately.

              63. Hi. I'm really enjoying your game and have purchased the full version for Android. You've done a great job on it!
                One small issue I have is that I play on my Galaxy S8+ and it has rounded corners on the screen. I've noticed that the game doesn't take account of the rounded corners and so the text on the screen gets cut off. Could you please adjust the game to recognise rounded corners and adjust the display of text accordingly?

              64. Hello, when the update will be released

              65. The planes missed approach because runway changed. Could this be avoid? I didn't notice any prompts though.

                1. Yep, in the latest version this should not happen anymore; planes will continue their approach, even if the runway is not active anymore.

              66. I've notice that planes that are coming from US/CAN and Ireland sometimes arrive from the east at Lam and Big which Irl it doesn't. They would arrive from the West at Bnn and Ock so could that be fixed in a future update. Planes that are flying from Europe will arrive via Big and Lam, planes from asia only use lam. Also planes that are coming from the West to Ock also flys direct from the left of Ock and not from the south.

              67. Also with egll cpt sid 09r departures the plane goes left instead of right which is what they do irl so hopefully that can be changed but for now I just vector them to the right so it does cause problems with the plane arriving from the left.

              68. i think you should look up flightradar24 and see the different approaches and where each airline comes in from because in the simulation i see planes that are suppose to be flying from europe flying from the west via bnn/ock when they should be arriving from the east. same thing for the departure,airlines like delta and american shouldnt be flying east.

              69. It is a great job, I like your posts and wish you all the best. and I hope you continue this job well.
                NutraT line

              70. Hi
                What is ils*?
                Whats the diffrence between ils and ils*?

                Thanks for your support

                1. ILS is if there is only one localizer, but when there are 2 of more, and you Want the plane to cross one localizer and intercept the other, you have to use ILS*. And if there are 3 localizers (like in KATL) you have to use LLZ

                2. How does LLZ help in 3 parallel rwy situations? Give an example.

              71. Any plans to add KLAX airport?
                That would be awesome.

              72. Hi, how often do you update the traffic (the airlines and airplanes that fly to an airport) because i saw a Delta B744 even though they are retired

              73. Very well done. Would be interesting to see Santiago Airport (SCEL) in this sim, because of the Andes mountains.

              74. Inbound aircraft assigned a waypoint/fix how do you know which airport they are destined for?

              75. Good Afternoon, As a retired controller, this app is very well done. Better than some ETGs and TTGs. How do I obtain the updates and how do I download them

                1. Thank you! If you use Steam or Play, updates are automatic, but if you use you can download and overwrite the files if a newer version is published.

              76. Hi, can you add SAEZ/EZE (Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini Intl. Airport) and SBGR/GRU (Sao Paolo Guarulhos Intl. Airport)? Because this airports are the most importante of latín América and SÁEZ has 2 sec airports and SBGR also 2! And the y are 2 very excitante airports. I would love this game if you add this airports!!! Thank you very much!

              77. When the Google Play update appears

              78. Please increase separation circle for heavies. I vector extremely close and without a visual barrier I end of giving way too much space. It's maddening to be working on a 100 or 200 error free landings only too hear a missed approach due to following too close.

                1. A little arc is displayed behind heavies to show the required distance, but I'll try to make it more clear in a future version. Hovering with the mouse shows the exact distance in the infotext line.

                2. The spacing of that arc jumps depending on whether the following plane is on local. Click ILS, it it moves. What gives?

                  Also, planes with a J designation fail too land because they're going to fast. I am able to land all other planes at 2k feet 250 knots. If there is a max speed for these planes at 2k feet then please limit their max speed on ILS.

                  By the way, I enjoy getting a slow plane from time to time. It really taxes my abilities and I enjoy the challenge.

                3. The arc distance depends on the category of the next plane, but the game has to guess which plane will actually be the next one. For planes on the ILS that's easy, but otherwise it looks for the most nearby plane as the best guess.
                  Also, I'll adjust the J planes behaviour so they reduce a bit earlier.

              79. Endless ATC: How do pause and how do you reset the game previous v had pause and reset

                1. Press ESC to pause (on android, press the back button). To reset, go the the airport menu and press the current airport again.

              80. Great game! I purchased the full version for android. I'd love to see some additional airports added over time. SFO or LAX would be my vote. Thanks Mr. Startgrid.

              81. What is Radio Sweep in Endless ATC? I don't understand, please explain about what it will do in the game?

                1. Radar sweep is the time between the plane position updates. It simulates a rotating radar antenna. You can set it at 4.5 seconds for a more realistic experience.

                2. More recent/near future technology for ATC will have it down to 0.5 seconds using ADB/Mode C style communications.

              82. I got a separation incident for two planes that were handed off. Why?

                1. Thanks for the feedback, it's as designed, but may need some clarification. Plane separation, from the minimum altitude to the top of the airspace, is the responsibility of the player. Handoffs are optional, and should only be used assured that no incident will occur after. For departures, it's therefore best to hand them over just before they climb out of the airspace, to be able to resolve any conficts yourself. Perhaps the H/O button could appear later (at a certain altitude), or better hints could be added.

              83. Hey really enjoying the game, its really fun to play a some what accurate Tracon game/Sim but a feature I've been curious about is voice command, will that ever be in the game?

              84. Is there ever gonna be voice command, I feel it would be a nice feature in the future

                1. While it would be a nice feature, it's also very complicated and time consuming to make voice recognition work reliably. So honestly it seems unlikely to be added to game.

                  Also, real life controllers still have to input all their instructions into the system while talking. In the game, you could simulate this by inputting commands while talking along - but with the assumption that every pilot reads you correctly every time :)

              85. I'm playing the android pro version. I love the realism and minimalism of your game. A minor request: Could you please add an option to change the color of the side bar from grey to black? It would look better in my opinion plus it would be a screen saver :-)

              86. Please added multiplayer mode
                Only one player not handled super busy airport

              87. Hello! Loving the new update, the initial lift from 80 to 90 in Heathrow is great. But it seems that all other traffic enters at 90 too now, which becomes a problem, as seen here:
                Good job!

                1. I see, thanks. Will have to adjust the initial level for the smaller fields.

                2. Awesome! Also, is there any possible way to develop a custom airport? Would love to try out Copenhagen, it being my local!

                3. Currently not, maybe in a future update.

              88. What are the smaller circles that say for example 30/RD or 40/RD?

                1. Those are altitude restrictions, unless for planes with an 'RD' tag - they may go lower.

              89. Which gaming has been used to make endless atc???

              90. Which game development software has been used to make endless atc???

                1. I refer to the About page for a list of used software.

              91. This comment has been removed by the author.

              92. Hey.
                I really love this sim but I was wondering if there is a list of what you are planning to add next. Personally I would love to see Ground controlling insted of Radar only. I don't know if that is possible but I think that this is an important ATC facility as well.
                Keep up the great work!

                1. Hey Nils, ground control would be fun to simulate, but it's very different from the current approach control game mechanics. Thanks!

              93. Hello startgrid
                First of all, I would like to thank you for the great game Endless ATC!
                I am an ATC controller from Zurich LSZH in Switzerland and I would like to ask if you can add Zurich Airport LSZH to the game. It would be really great if you can. And my colleagues would also appreciate it.

                Thank you very much

                1. Hello Roman, thanks for your comment! I'll keep your suggestion in mind, and I'm also looking into adding custom fields.

              94. Hello, startgrid !

                My "Unofficial Japanese Manual" has been updated.

                By the way, at Haneda Airport, a new arrival / departure route that passes over central Tokyo from March 29 will be applied. Will Endless ATC have any plans for this new rule?

                1. Hello Takaty-! Thanks again for your work on Japanese translations and tutorials. It must be very helpful for non-English users.
                  Sure, I will look into Haneda Airport operations, and make adjustments to keep it up to date.

              95. I really appreciate your game thanks. Please I have idea of another game which will also help ATC but I don't know how to design it. Please can you give me your contact or Whatsapp me on +2348033429784 or email Thanks, I appreciate.

              96. Hey man, I really appreciate your work, it's probably the best game I've seen in recent years!

                Apart from minor improvements, adding new airports and the option to create custom airports as you stated in previous comments, I would love to see the option to control departing and arriving traffic in higher airspace - for example between FL100 and FL220 around the already existing airports or FL220 and above - but I don't know how difficult would this be to add to the game.

                Anyways, keep up the great work!

              97. Just a quick bug report - in the description of departing planes (bottom of the screen when the plane is highlighted), the indicator of current altitude (ex. "passing FL224") changes from the format of "passing FL170" to "passing 12300" when the plane is between FL120 and FL140 for some reason. It does this when playing Tokyo, but not when playing Amsterdam for some reason.

                1. That's normal; above a certain transition altitude (TA), the altitude in the game will be displayed as a flight level. The TA differs per location. In Amsterdam it's pretty low because the Netherlands is flat, while in Japan there are mountains to account for. That's because in real life, the altitude of flight levels changes with the weather (but that is not simulated in the game, it would probably cause more confusion).

              98. Not quite sure what happened, but something did :P

              99. Hi,
                Just bought the Android version after loving the free version. Does YSSY have two localisers when using the parallel runways? I can only get one localiser on at a time and ILS* does not work as there is no second localiser active. I have had skill levels up to about 10.

                1. Worked it out...needed skill of 10 then parallel runway opens automatically. I mustn't have reached 10 before.

              100. I am Japanese and enjoy this game. Thanks
                Departure plane cannot go through dct point due to cloud.
                H/O cannot be performed normally at that time.

              101. What do you think is a realistic skill / cap to approximate real life workload?