Friday, December 11, 2015

Endless ATC on PC and android

The simulator Endless ATC can be downloaded for PC on Steam or, and for android in the Play Store. There are also a free versions available.

Screenshot December 2016

The sim now features nine airports, weather, traffic and display options, text-to-speech output, scenarios, custom airports and more.

Note: I, the developer, only publish the PC version to Steam and, so please download it from there, not another site, to make sure you get the original version with updates. The android version is only available on the Play store.

Privacy Policy

The application Endless ATC (in all its versions), and its developer, does not collect, transmit, distribute or sell your personal data.

Beyond the information that the stores (Google Play, Steam, and provide to the developer, the developer has no access to user data.

Although the application itself does not make use of the internet at all, the savegame files (which do not contain personal data) stored on the users device may be automatically backed up (via Google Drive) when using android, or, when using Steam, via Steam Cloud, depending on the users preferences. These backups are not accessible by the developer. When using Steam, unlocked achievements may be shared via the Steam Client application. Whether or not achievement data is visible to others depends on the users Steam preferences. Anonymous achievement statistics are publicly visible on the Steam website.

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